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  • I really liked that all the girls in the group were together all the time. We made really good friends! Also that we were able to tell you our wishes and the Tour Guides wanted to make everyone happy.

  • Who on earth can say, he/she swam with sea turtles and colorful fish and felt like in Finding Nemo, walked through a lava tube and volcanoes and felt like in live Geography lessons, walked through the rainforest/jungle and felt like Tarzan, saw whales in the ocean and felt like in Free Willy, was on the US best beach and felt like in a paradise, had a lot of fun with the Boogie Boards and felt like a surfer and met a bunch of really nice people from all over the world – and everything on Hawaii?! It was an awesome week and the best vacation in my life!!! :))

  • Casey was the best tourguide ever:) joe was super cool to;) sunset sailing and limoparty were great! Nice stops we had on tour! Food provided was always super good;) got fruit and pizza i wanted;) equipment was good well organized tour

  • The tour was really good organized and planned.

  • I really liked the Las Vegas hotel, it was close to the strip, roomy and clean! My favorite camp ground was at Grand Canyon. Loved the woods and the cool night temperature!

  • Tour guide was the best ! Very nice, experienced, caring, funny… just awesome !

  • I had an absolutely amazing time on the trip ? Our tour guide (Julia) was/is awesome! What I really love about the tour is that you get to know so many different people, that you see and experience so much in such a short time, that you get to sleep outside under the stars and that you get to do things that ou wouldn’t do as a normal tourist. Honestly, I don’t have anything to complain about! Thank you guys for offering such a great tour 🙂

  • Thank you so much for the great tour. it was a great conclusion of my au pair year. I’m so glad that I made this tour.

  • I really liked the guides. They encourage the group to have fun, to hiking, to do skydiving and they also are part of our group.

  • everything was just easy going….we had enough time on our own and on the otherwise the tour guides were there ! just the right amount.

  • I like the combination of camping and hotels. The Limoride in Vegas was awesome. And we had a enough time in the nationalparks and did what we wanted to do. Our guide was an awesome Tourguide and we had a lot of fun

  • Everything is just awesome! Julia and Casey are awesome tourguides, JOE IS AWESOME! You can see, you can feel all the time how much you guys really want us to have an awesome time and that you want that with us! THANK YOU!!!

  • I saw the most amazing places I’ve ever seen!

  • Meals were excellent! On the first days both guides figured out quickly that we girls and one boy can eat a lot. I appreciated that they always bought a lot of healthy food. Also we had some vegetarians and one vegan girl in our group, but the guides totally respected that and bought extra tofu and things like that.

  • The organisation of the trip is top! It is very comfortable to know somebody has a plan and you just follow and get to see lots of fun thinks.

  • I love that I made so many new friends and it feels like I’ve known them forever. That’s probably my favourite thing about the whole trip. We kind of felt like a family in the end cause we all took care of each other and worked as a team:) It was really hard to say goodbye! I wish I could do it all over again!!

  • I really loved travelling around it the Van, since it makes you get to know you Group a lot better and makes you develop a better and closer group-dynamic.

  • This tour was awesome and so different but in a positive way to other tours because you didn’t have the feeling that you guys try to get our money. Everything what you want to do is your own choise and everything is based on to have fun and this is great.

  • Omg the whole trip was awesome! It couldn’t have been better! Good organized, great people and our Travelguide was the best!!!!

  • I liked the places and expereinces the trip offered. For someone who rarely camp to enjoy nature with two very talented young guides felt amazing

  • The campground on lake Havasu was beautiful! But also in Grand Canyon NP with all the elks around! The hostel in Santa Monica was great! The best hostel i’ve ever been in! But all places we stayed were really good!

  • Breathtaking landscape!

  • It was just awesome!! It was totally amazing what we did what we saw. We all had the time of our life. Our tour guides were absolute amazing they did everything for us and made this trip to what it was. They did a really great job. I would do this tour every year !!

  • I really liked the fact that everything was organized so well and we could just enjoy this awesome tour.

  • It was very good that they went food shopping, but also asked us what we all wanted to eat – and so on!

  • This was the best week in my entire life!!!!!!

  • I loved the tour. I didn’t exppect it to be that great because it was such a short time to visit all of those palces but the time was enough and everything was perfect.

  • Our tour guides new a lot about the places we visited, and that made me get a better understanding about it – which always is more fun! Plus, I loved the great Grand Canyon and cozy Lake Havasu, and Las Vegas and L.A were so cool!

  • Our guide was always in a good mood and showed us a lot of secret places and organized many fun things to do.

  • I really loved our guides and that they was around our age, because we had an awesome time together! I also love there was some days with camping and some where we stayed at hostels.

  • We were alot of girls – but still, we had a great time! We had a schedule, but it was still relaxed and we could enjoy the time we had!

  • We have had activities together but we were able to plan activities by our own. I feel like it was the right combination. Our guide was very enthusiastic and you were able to see that he puts lots of effort in his work. He was always around, answered questions and kept in contact with everyone.

  • I enjoyed having most of the meals included in the price so we didn’t have to search for places where we could eat. The amount was also enough.

  • My guide was always talked about everything we saw and told us about old trees the mountains and everything. We really learned a lot from him. The food was great we always had veg’s and fruit. Always really good food and we also got to choose a bit. The selection was really really good and we were perfectly prepared for every day!! Awesome !!

  • Our guide was the best! So much fun, so much knowledge and always in a good mood!

  • I’d defiantly recommend other people to do it! Our tour guides was great, SO much fun. They were joking and so on, but also had everything under control – and knew what they were doing! Thumbs up!

  • We had a really good tour guide and it was a lot of fun. I loved the places we vistited and the things we did.

  • It was fantastic. We saw a lot of places and I feel like through the knowledge of a tour guide we stopped at the right locations for sightseeing.

  • I am a vegetarian and I was surprised that they had vegetarian meals with them…even though they didn´t know there are any vegetarians. Food was always enough and great.

  • Loved our tour guides!

  • I loved both of them (guides)! I almost cried when they left us. They will always be in my mind as the best and funniest Tourguides ever ! I ll think of them everytime someone says “SWEET!” haha

  • I really liked the tour and would totally do it again 🙂

  • “We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.”

  • “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

  • “The Best Dreams happen when you’re awake!”

  • Getting in a little SUP session on the Merced river on the Western Sun tour, Yosemite NP

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