Day 1:

10a.m. Our traveling starts today! First we will have a brief welcome meeting where we can all get to know each other at the hotel where the tour starts. Then it is off to a big grocery store to get our food shopping out of the way. This is also an opportunity to buy yourself any extra things you might need for the trip. For lunch we will stop in Kona so you can try some local food. In the afternoon, we will continue to our camp where you can swim and learn to snorkel. All your snorkeling equipment is provided by us. Dinner tonight will be right at camp, under the stars!

*Dinner included

Activities today: Swimming, Snorkeling

Camp: County Beach Park

Day 2:

We start today early with a visit to Pu’uhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park. This is one of the most amazing snorkeling and swimming spots on the Island. We might even get to swim with wild dolphins and see a few sea turtles. In the afternoon we make our way to another beautiful and famous Black Sand Beach. One of the cool things about this beach is the abundance of green sea turtles that live in the bay. We will often arrive here and find an interesting mix of people and sea turtles sunbathing on the beach! In the evening we will head up the mountain to Volcanoes National Park and set up our next camp. Sleeping on a very active volcano is nothing short of spectacular. We will be at a higher elevation so the nights cool down and require a warm sweater or jacket.

*Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included

Activities today: Swimming, snorkeling, hiking, sunbathing

Camp: Volcano National Park

Day 3:

Today we drive to Ka Lae (“the point” in Hawaiian), also known as South Point. This is the Southern most point on the Big Island and in the state of Hawaii. It is also the southernmost point of the 50 United States. We will take a beautiful 1.5 hr walk across grassy bluffs with panoramic views of the ocean to Papakolea Beach (also known as Green Sand Beach). This beach gets its distinctive coloring from olivine crystals found in a nearby cinder cone. This is really a special spot… there are not many places like this on the planet! This is a good place for lunch and swimming if the waves are not too big. Before heading back to camp this evening, we will also have time to visit a authentic Big Island coffee farm. Tonight we camp at a higher elevation, and long pants and a coat will be important to stay warm so remember to pack some warm clothes.

*Breakfast Lunch and Dinner included

Activities today: Hiking, South Point, Green Sand Beach, Coffee Farm

Camp: Volcano National Park

Day 4:

After waking up we will have a short drive to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This morning we get to experience the results of hundreds of thousands of years of volcanism. The park offers insights on the birth of the Hawaiian Islands and views of dramatic volcanic landscapes. Depending on weather, we usually go for a nice 2 hour hike that isn’t too difficult. We get to explore a lava tube, trek through the Hawaiian jungle, and walk right through the middle of a crater. In the afternoon, we will visit a geothermal hot pond. Surrounded by towering coconut trees and jungle foliage, the remote pool we will visit is heated by underlying volcanic activity to a comfortable 90 degrees Fahrenheit! Here you can swim, snorkel and catch some serious Hawaiian sunshine. After a picnic Lunch, we make our way to Hilo, the largest settlement on the island. Located on the “wet” side of the island, Hilo is famous for its surrounding waterfalls. We will see the impressive Rainbow Falls, which is virtually in downtown Hilo. In the evening if we have clear sky’s we like to catch sunset from Coconut Island.

*Breakfast Lunch and Dinner included

Activities today: Volcano Park, Lava Tube, Jungle Hike, GeoThermal Hot Ponds, Swimming, snorkeling, Hilo

Camp: Volcano National Park

Day 5:

Today we make the drive North, up the Hamakua Coast taking us to the north part of Hawaii. Our first stop brings us to Kahuna Falls and the majestic Akaka Falls, both dropping over 400 ft! The short hike to see these impressive waterfalls is a shady path abundant with fragrant tropical flowers, colorful vines and bamboo. Continuing on up the coast, you will be treated to open views of the vast Pacific Ocean. Lunch today will be a picnic near the Waipio Valley, also known as the “Valley of the Kings.” In the afternoon we will continue to another beautiful beach side camping spot for an evening swim/snorkel while we watch the sun set into the Pacific Ocean.

*Breakfast Lunch and dinner included

Activities today: Akaka Falls, Hamakua Coast

Camp: Beach Park and/or hotel depending on weather

Day 6:

This morning you can either get in more beach time, or working on your tan…or join in an optional hike. We can hike down a steep rugged trail into the the beautiful Pololu Valley. Once in the valley, we enjoy an Ironwood forest that can only be described as magical and another black sand beach. After lunch, we join any of the non-hikers at a beach that has frequently been voted as the best beach in the US, Hapuna Beach State Park. Here you can learn to catch some waves on one of our boogie boards. White sand 1/2 mile long and almost 200 feet wide makes this beach worth spending the whole afternoon at. Swimming and snorkeling conditions here are also usually excellent, and the coconut trees provide a shady escape from the Hawaii sun. Tonight is our last night so we usually like to go out to Dinner and experience some of the local flavors.

*Breakfast Lunch included

Activities today: Hiking, Beach day!

Camp: Beach Park and/or hotel depending on weather

Day 7:

Today is our day to depart from Hawaii. We will be packing up and heading to the airport in the morning. We will be arriving at the airport by 11 am. If you would like a ride into Kona town, we can drop you off at the hotel where the trip started. Many of our travelers like to stay an extra night in Kona on their own.

*Breakfast only today

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