Au Pair Adventures is a small company started by a tour guide in 2010 who had a vision for doing things quite a bit different. The trips we offer are travel experiences that are positively life altering for many, in a good way! They are designed to be a cost effective, safe, and efficient way for young adults to see and experience so much in a relatively short period of time. The untold story of group travel is the magic that happens among the group members that cannot happen when traveling alone. When you get like minded individuals together from different cultures, all embarking on a real adventure together for one week, the entire travel experience is elevated. There is really no way to accurately describe the energy on one of our tours…tour doesn’t even seem like the right word! You need to experience it to fully understand it…and once you do you will know exactly what we mean.

Au Pair Adventures is more like a family than a business. Everyone who is part of the APA team is here because they are passionate about travel. We truly believe we have one of the most amazing jobs possible! Part of what makes working here so much fun is that the people who travel with us are so fun. Our trips are not for everyone…they are for a certain type of traveler! During the summer, all our tours sell out…and we get people asking why we don’t get bigger buses, or more vans, etc???. The answer is simple, we never want to become a huge company…we are happy being the coolest small company possible! Words from the owner: “Everyone has so many amazing things to say about our trips and our company…and one thing that gets overlooked is that our travelers are a huge part of making each trip such an incredible experience. Yes we have the best tours, prices, guides, etc…but really it is the kind of people we attract to come on our adventures that brings it all together. Without our crazy awesome travelers that some how find us, we are nothing.”

The type of group adventure we offer allows our travelers the chance to maximize their travel experience, and get more out of one week than you could ever imagine. Our experienced, trained, and wildly adventurous guides make our trips unique and are an integral part of the trip.

We pride ourselves on offering tours designed specifically for young adventurous travelers. Our tours have been designed to accommodate energetic people who want to see and experience a lot, while not having to spend too much money. We have fine-tuned our tours to appeal to a specific type of traveler that is looking for adventure in specific regions of the USA.

We hope that you are that traveler! Looking for a great time in the USA West Coast, Southwest, or Hawaii… we have got you covered!

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Feel free to give us a call any time…if we don’t answer, we are probably out swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii, having a party in Vegas, Biking through Yosemite Valley or chasing stars at the Grand Canyon!


Want to get a better feel for our trips? Visit our Facebook page or check out all our photos on Instagram! See the people we travel with, even meet a tour guide if you like! Many of the people who come on tour with us will post photos and write comments about the trip. We also make Facebook events you can join before your trip. When you join an event, you can start getting to know some of the other travelers you will be with before the tour even starts.

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